Ramadan 1439H: will inshaa Allah be the 17th of May, 2018

Dear Brother, Sisters
Assalamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh,

AlHamdu le Allah following a consultation, we are announcing the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the associated activities as follows:

1. 1st Ramadan 1439H: will inshaa Allah be the 17th of May, 2018.

2. Ishaa and Taraweeh

Salatu al Ishaa will be held at 22.45pm for the first twelve days and at 23.00pm for the rest of the Ramadan daily followed by Taraweeh prayers (see Ramadan Timetable for detail).
Ishaa and Taraweeh prayers will be held in the Grovelands House every day during Ramadan for the whole family members (brothers, sisters, and children).

The 1st day of Taraweeh prayers will be held on Wednesday, 16th of May after Maghrib and Ishaa at 21.03pm, inshaa Allah.

3. The other prayers

Please see the attached Ramadan prayers timetable for your reference, insha Allah.

4. The Living with Qur’an Study circle

Will be held on every Friday after Aser prayer at 18.30pm, insha Allah.

5. Eid Al Fitr

The details of the date, venue and arrangements will be confirmed and follow in a separate email, inshaa Allah.

We pray to Allah (swt) to make us witnessing this month and make our Fasting, Salat, Qiyam, and all good deeds be accepted by Him AlMighty, Allahum ameen.

Jazzakum Allahu khayr.

Wassalamu’alaikum wa rahmatu Allah,
DALMO Management Committee